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What is the time lag on your indices?

Typically there is a 2 months lag between the release date and the most recent month-end date for MIAC HPI. This is due to the lag in the monthly released Land registry Price paid dataset. Also, there is a lag expected in the Price paid transactional data ranging anything between 2 weeks to 2 months from the time the property is transacted to when it is registered. The HPI is released by the 12th working day of every calendar month.
For the Rental Index, there is only one month lag between the release date and the most recent month-end date. The data source is available for download weekly and the Index is released by the 10th working day of every month.

Do you have a rental index at the property type level?

No, the rental index series is available at a number of beds-level. The source data is normalized into one of the predefined 6 number of beds categories in MIAC database 0, 1, 2, 3, >3, and All beds.

How do you validate your indices?

An effective model governance strategy takes place every month by The MIAC HPI model governance committee led by the director of modeling and analytics at MIAC and is accountable for the development, issuance, and operation of the MIAC HPI. There is a validation for the source data in the preparation and cleansing phase to allow the datasets to be validated and standardized before they are incorporated in the collateral build and another validation process for the indices to identify any potential issues prior to the outputs being distributed among licensees. Please look at our model governance page for more details.

Do you have gross rental yields at property type level?

MIAC HPI series is available at property type level (flat, terraced, detached , semi, All) and the rental index series is available at number of beds level (0, 1, 2, 3, >3, All). Hence, currently we generate our gross rental yields for property type (All) only and we are working towards having the rental index on a property type level to provide the gross rental yields on the property type level as well.

Do you have property market forecasting?

How can we license your Indices?

For licencing MAC HPI please follow the instruction here.
For licencing MAC HPI please follow the instruction here.
please contact MIAC Managing Director U.K. & Europe David Pickles before licencing an index. Alternatively please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions before licensing the indices.

Do you have net rental yields?

Is the rental data asking or achieved rental values?

The rental data source that is used in the collateral model build is Zoopla rental data . These records come from properties that have been marketed for sale or to rent via estate agents who advertise their properties on . The data is both asking prices and achieved prices.

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