HM Land Registry Price Paid Dataset

The Land Registry Price Paid Dataset provides a complete database of prices at which residential properties are transacted in England and Wales. HM Land Registry, a government entity in the UK, currently undertakes the registration of residential properties transacted in England and Wales. This includes all transactions at full market value (discounted properties e.g. Right to Buy, Co-Ownership schemes are excluded). Some of the information recorded at the time of registration include the date of transaction, value, address fields including postcode and property type (detached, semi-detached, terraced or flat). A flag pertaining to the type of transaction i.e. a finance based mortgage or a cash purchase, is included as part of the dataset. Typically there is a lag expected ranging anything between 2 weeks to 2 months from the time the property is transacted to when it is registered.

Date of availability for download?

The Land Registry Price Paid Transaction Data is available to download on the 20th working day of every calendar month.

The emergence of Land Registry Price Paid Data Volumes over the months and years

We are continuing to monitor sales volumes closely and are implementing our routine checks for low volumes. We have hurdle rates in place to detect any volatility in sales volumes during our model build process and have relevant overrides to mitigate this. Given our current climate in the housing market, and that we are deviating from our normal (pre-Covid) process, we are benchmarking against last years’ volumes to inform us on any decisions we need to make in order to build a reliable index.

Land Registry Emergent Data Volumes

Land Registry has been suffering from operational issues since the initial COVID-19 outbreak and consequently only issued partial releases of their data.
To overcome this problem, we are using data available in an aggregated format in place of the transaction-level data found in the Land Registry data to make up for the low sales reported