County Level Rental Index Summary

  • Most London Boroughs have experienced a decrease in the monthly changes this month with City of London, Camden, Westminster, Southwark and Tower Hamlets all experiencing negative monthly price changes. Whilst all annual changes remain positive City of London. Westminster and Camden also have the lowest annual change.
  • Of the eight counties/London Borough that have negative monthly changes, 5 are in London. The other three are Swindon, Rutland and Stirling with Swindon being the county with the lowest monthly change, outside of London, for the second month in a row. Rutland has the lowest monthly change within the East Midlands for the third month in a row.
  • Slough continues to be the county with the highest annual change for the 6th month in a row with 10.86%. The county with the lowest annual change for the 4th month in a row is Highland with 1.1%.