Regional Level House Price Index Report

  • All regions have suggested a relatively balanced and steady slowdown in the growth of house prices since early 2023. Yorkshire and The Humber region exhibited consistent positive annual deltas and has the highest annual change of 6.4%, indicating a robust market with notable price appreciation.
  • London has a relatively lower annual delta than most other regions, ranging from 2.7% to 3.7% during 2023. This suggests a more stable market with moderate price changes.
  • The North East region had a notable decrease in its rate of monthly change in house prices in May 2023 and had the lowest monthly delta among England regions across all the different property types prices, with a value of -1.9%. This shows a unique trend in contrast to other regions.
  • Yorkshire and The Humber experienced the most substantial cumulative growth since May 2022, reaching 6.4%, while the East of England had the lowest growth rate at 2.9%.