• Date :26 May 2021
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Paymentshield launches GI-themed virtual conference

The “Be GI” conference took place on 26 May with full schedule of panel discussions that delve into general insurance (GI) best practices with speakers from MAB, Openwork, MIAC Analytics, SimplyBiz Mortgages, Kensington, Precise, and Mortgage Intelligence.

The panel answered question about the buy to let market like what is the driving activity in the buy to let market at the moment, What is in store for the BTL market over the next 12-18 months, What considerations should brokers be making for capitalising on the BTL opportunity and gave some advies to brokers who want to make the most out of the BTL market

MIAC Analytics Participation

Dr. Darrel Welch, Managing Director of Modelling and Analytics at MIAC illustrated some of the trends in the BTL market and how has Covid-19 impacted these trends.

To watch all the sessions: (add link)