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Scotland Property Sales

MIAC registered property sales dataset for Scotland are obtained from Registrars of Scotland (RoS) which is the equivalent to the HM Land Registry in Scotland is the Registrars of Scotland, who upkeep the bookkeeping and compilation of transacted properties in Scotland.

Source Data Description

Historical data is available from 1st April 2003. The fields in the ‘Sales for Consideration’ dataset include price paid, date of entry and address fields including postcode and property type (detached, semi-detached, terraced or flat). A funding status flag identifies if the sale is accompanied by a mortgage deed, and therefore whether it is a finance based transaction, or a cash sale instead. Unlike the Land Registry PPD, RoS include sales outside of the residential market, giving a wider perspective of the transacted properties market, since it includes transactions between corporate and business entities.

Compatibility with MIAC

Similar to the Land Registry Price Paid Data, transactional data is available line by line. RoS currently do not publish supplementary reports holding additional sales for the most recent months, and so the single dataset is used.

Where can you find it?

Registrars of Scotland (RoS)  

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